How do I reserve my date?

Give us a call or send an email to check date availability. Once you've selected your date, you can fill out the reservation form via email or snail mail. If you are emailing your form, please call with your credit card number. DO NOT send CC# via email, as it is not a secure method of transfer. We will charge the appropriate deposit and email you with information regarding your wedding. 
We will handle all scheduling of vendors, license appointment and appropriate peripherals such as cake, florals etc.

How do I select my bouquet? What is included in the packages?

All packages except the Island Simplicity package include a gorgeous tropical bouquet in either a cascading or hand tied (nosegay) style. If you would like something different to match your theme and color scheme, the florist is very good at recreating bouquets from photos. You can send us a picture of the bouquet you like from a magazine or website and they can provide a quote. We will credit the package bouquet in this case. The florist we use is incredibly talented with over 30 years experience.
How do I ship my dress and/or groom's clothes for pressing?

Send it to us not less than 2 weeks prior to your wedding. Put it in the smallest box it will fit in (quoting the presser here--they're going to press it anyways) and ship it insured. Depending on the method of shipment, the address varies. The USPS is very reliable and oftentimes's worth looking into.  Dress Pressing starts at $60. Groom's shirt & pants is $40.

Fed Ex or UPS:
Please call for address

US Postal Service:

Enchanted Weddings of Maui
Post Office Box 1481
Puunene, HI 96784

Where's a good place to stay?

Maui has all the major hotel chains and a large selection of condominiums, timeshares and B&Bs.
Here are two websites that are great resources for all categories of rooms.

How far is it from the West Side (Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua) to the South Side (Kihei, Wailea, Makena)?

It is approximately 30 miles from one side to the other. Generally, you can expect approximately an hour's drive. It's not that far, we just drive slower here on Maui. 

Do I need to bring my divorce papers?

You only need to bring your divorce papers if your previous marriage was finalized within the 60 days prior to the wedding. Otherwise, you only need to note the month, year & county of the divorce on your license application.

How do I order my photos? What about the negatives?

Your photos will be uploaded to the photo gallery within 14 days of your ceremony. We will email you a link to your online gallery. For ordering, please email the image numbers of the prints you'd like. We will process the order and it will ship directly to you from the printing company. The disc of your images will arrive in a separate package directly from us. Once you order your prints, the printing company will alert Enchanted Weddings as to the images ordered. We will then mail you the CD of digital negatives included in your package with a full photo release. These images are full sized, high resolution images ready for reprinting and enlarging.
You always have the option of a buy-out of your gallery. This ranges from $350-$550 depending on the number of images in your gallery.