Marriage License Information

Once you have booked with us, we will schedule a marriage license appointment for you nearby to your accommodations.
The appointment takes about 15 minutes and both the bride and groom must be present with photo identification.
There are no blood tests or waiting periods. You can get married the same day.
Dates of prior divorce or separation by death are required.
The license must be issued in the State of Hawaii and is valid for 30 days from and including the day of issuance.

The fee is $65 cash paid directly to the agent.


Download the marriage license here. This form requires Adobe reader to view. You can download a free copy of Adobe here

Beach Permits


Beach Permits? --- No Problem!
The State of Hawaii has implemented a permit process for beach weddings beginning August 1st, 2008.
These permits will be obtained by Enchanted Weddings of Maui on your behalf. This will cause no inconvenience to you having your ceremony on Maui's beaches. It is a layer of protection for our couples, as you can rest assured that only licensed, fully insured wedding professionals will be conducting your romantic Maui beach weddings and vow renewals!

Basic Permit fee is included in each package, good for up to 10 guests.
Larger parties will require additional permit fee.

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