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"I don’t usually leave a comment but Lisa did a fabulous job for our wedding.
We had problems with our flights and my husband and I were stressed out and fussing at each other because of it.
I called Lisa to let her know we would not make our original appointment with the license agent and she said
“No problem, we can re-schedule it for the next day.”
When we finally arrived in Maui and met up with Lisa at her office, she offered us both a drink and helped us to relax and enjoy the moment.
Rob and I wanted a simple wedding on the beach in the morning and that is exactly what we got.
It was perfect.
I know every bride has an image of her special day and Lisa helped create that for us.
The flowers were perfect, the minister was incredible, and Lisa was absolutely wonderful.
Rob and I want to thank you, Lisa for our perfect day.
I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking to get married in Maui.
Aloha and Mahalo,
Theresa and Rob Cooper
Albany, Oregon
Just Maui'd: December 6, 2008

"My wife and I express our gratitude and appreciation for all you did to make our vow renewal ceremony so special. We are so happy that we selected you as our coordinator and photographer. The pictures were fabulous! What a joy it was to work with someone like you who takes pride in delivering professional courtesy. In your website there is a statement that "you manage each client's wedding as if it were your own". Our experience with you validates that statement. It will be an absolute pleasure referring your business to others we know." --Ron & Ronda Martinez, Bakersfield CA


"My dear Lisa, Aloha and Hola from Germany, after our prolonged honeymoon.  Just got back the day before yesterday, and slowly adjusting to quite a few time changes.
We just saw the pictures yesterday, and we have no words... What a great job you did.  We could not help smiling at every single shot, and my goodness, so many good ones you got!!!!
John and I ended up with sore jaws after smiling at every single picture we saw, and there were quite a few ...  and let me tell you that even in the few I think I did not look 'that glamorous' (so as to speak), they definitely show who we are and the fun we had.
We have no words to thank you for everything.  You have no idea how much we miss Maui, and we are thinking of doing it all over again....  It has been lovely to meet you.
Best of luck for now, and we will stay in touch."
Love, John and Fanny Ellis, Florida

"Hi Lisa,
Your ears must be ringing a lot, every time I talk about my  fabulous, most perfect wedding, I mention your name.  You made our day so special and David and I loved not having to worry about anything."
Very best,
Monique and David Fletcher, California

"Hi Lisa,
It was lovely to meet you in person...Thank you SO MUCH for your help.. you made everything perfect for us.. nice and relaxed and cool.. The food was gorgeous; cake, glasses and flowers fantastic!!

A special thank you for helping us out in our hour of need getting to the airport!

We have just got home today and took a look at the site - the pictures are fabulous! Thank you!!!
It is hard to choose just the 36 in our package, so we would like to buy the disc with all digital files on there
thanks again!!"

from Toni & Lee, United Kingdom

"Hey Lisa,
By the way....I just have to say, again, how much I LOVE the pictures!  OH MY GOSH!  They are just amazing!  There aren't any bad ones in the bunch.  I love them, I love them, I love them!!! I don't think I will ever grow tired of looking at them!  Everyone that sees them is just blown away.  And the video...it's just perfect.  We went through a video guy here and had him add a slide show of pictures of us as babies, and growing up, and then pics from our party here, and it came out so beautiful.  We watched it with our parents, and they laughed and cried!  And on the video, during the ceremony when he pronounced us man and wife they all applauded!  And I have gotten a ton of compliments on my hair and make-up!
So...everything was just so perfect!"
Kristin & Ed Balandis, Illinois

"Hi Lisa!  Thank you SO much for your wonderful support and pictures!
We have been so very happy with your service!  Things were super wonderful!
We loved the ceremony and reception so much and so did our guests!
We just wanted to say thank you so much to you!"

Colin and Kanna Laird, Michigan


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